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Hello Readers...

New or old, you may be wondering what type of story this exactly is. The best way I can describe it is as a little bit of everything. It's got humor, some action, some drama...and even a bit of romance much later on because I can't help myself (haha XD definitely not any "boy love" though, sorry).

I'm sure the initial impression you may have of the story is that it's just going to be a simple story of the confusion resulting from the whole "same name for two completely different people" thing...but that would get old fast, and the story is not quite so simple. By the end of chapter six it'll be more obvious what the real story here is: This is less of a tale about two different people with the same name, and more of a tale about why they do, and the impact of it. There's going to be humor throughout the whole story, of course, but it's going to get more serious too as it progresses.

For those who don't know yet, this story was actually created in 2005 and was very much inspired by the cabbage man from the show Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was drawn by hand in pencil for a year for my friends, then in the summer of 2006 was completely redone - character design changes, plot changes, etc. This was when things really took off, and it ran online (getting half-way through chapter 3) when I decided to stop it in Fall of 2008. Since I had started it in high school, the art was not very good and I was aware it was turning away possible new readers. Also, that version was right-to-left (most comics I read at the time were in that format so I tended to do that without thinking of it) which also alienated people. The plan was to redo it in 2012, after I was done with college and my skills had progressed. (The story had grown on me so much I now desired to make it more professional, which at the time it was not.)

But, well, I frankly missed working on the comic far too much to wait 4 years. Also I was feeling my skills are not so bad now and very much had an "I can do" attitude. So I worked on a bit at a time so that I could restart it again in Fall 2009 - and this time fresher, left-to-right, and looking exactly how it should be. So I hope you enjoy this new and improved version of Fruitful Confusion!

Now, this is a long story. At least, I know it will take me a long time to get through since this is a one person creation. There are going to be about 46 chapters, plus a short little epilogue. The good news is that the script is over half-way done, and I do have a complete outline for the rest of the story, so it's only a matter of writing the rest out really...and then, of course, drawing it. :)

The only hindrance I have really feared is that people won't stick around long enough to see what I have planned for this, especially since it is a bit slow to get to the action. I consider this to be a more character-driven story than action-driven, but there very much is some action in it. I really want to finish this story, but I find it difficult to find motivation at times if no one besides me seems to care.

So if you would comment on comic pages, that would be very much appreciated! :)

I will always read any e-mails or posts on the forum, and I will try to answer any question asked. If you read FC, whether you end up liking it or not, I still much appreciate that you gave it a chance! Thank you. ^_^

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